Training and Dmonstration Centers for Energy Efficiency and RES in Buildings

The “Train-to-NZEB” project provides world-class training on energy efficiency and RES in buildings, based on new training programmes, business plans and up-to-date training equipment for a set of training and consultation centers around Europe.

Its goal is to improve the knowledge and skills in the construction sector and to provide practical trainings, demonstrations and comprehensive consulting services for design and construction of Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (NZEB) supported by RES, based on the Passive House concept.

The training centers (or Building Knowledge Hubs) established under the project form an international network, providing training courses on the curricula developed under the European BUILD UP Skills initiative and by project partners, as well as continuous opportunities for exchange, updating and improving of the existing training programmes. The modern training facilities enable the conduction of practical exercises in addition to the theoretical programmes already available in the focus countries. 
The project has supported design and equipment of 5 fully active training centers (in Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and the Czech Republic); the adaptation of existing and the development of new curricula for training of building professionals; training and certification for a total of 90 trainers, 2,400 construction workers, 480 designers and 720 non-specialists (representatives of public authorities, business managers, NGOs, consumer groups, media, etc.).

All of these, combined with the provision of consulting services based on the "One-stop shop" principle, has increased the interest and capacity for design and construction of NZEBs supported by RES in the focus countries and stimulated the market demand for such solutions for both new buildings and building renovations.

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