Supporting smart financing implementation for energy efficient Balkan Buildings

H2020 SMAFIN project is setting up the prosperous ground to connect smart financing with energy efficient Balkan buildings’ renovation and to create a complete roundtable methodology.

12 national roundtables in Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece and Romania  in order to bring together EU policy makers, national and local authorities, financial, enterprise, construction and academic sector and facilitate thoroughly energy efficiency investments in renovation.


The overall aim of this proposal is to set up permanent discussion forums on energy efficiency investment topics gathering government, local and regional authorities, financial sector, ESCOs, homeowners, industry sector, construction sector and SME sector. The focus of the roundtables should include existing private and public buildings, industry and SME’s. The forums will gather and upscale existing best practices from the national and European level, develop strategies, and action plans, propose improvements in the national policy frameworks and measures, and follow their implementation, develop jointly template documents and contracts leading to a better functioning of the market. The roundtables will act as a forum where all stakeholders can learn from successful market initiatives, and can provide input into the policy making process.

SMAFIN’s specific objectives are: 

  • Capitalisation of the results of Sustainable Energy Investment Forums
  • Deployment of energy efficiency investments recommendations 
  • Link all supporting initiatives and stakeholders focused on energy efficient investments 

Publications and outcomes:


First National Round table in Bulgaria

Second National Round table in Bulgaria

Third National Round table in Bulgaria

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 955857.

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