Roadmap for Trainings and Skills on Intelligent Energy Solutions in Buildings in Bulgaria until 2020

Center for Energy Efficiency EnEffect is happy to announce that the start of the project Roadmap for Trainings and Skills on Intelligent Energy Solutions in Buildings in Bulgaria until 2020 was officially given at the beginning of November 2011. The project was prepared by a consortium comprised of the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training, Bulgarian Construction Chamber, and EnEffect Consult SP LTD (coordinator). It was approved by the EC for financing on the “National Qualification Platforms and Roadmaps to 2020” pillar of the new BUILD UP Skills Initiative in the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme. The contract with the 

Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation was officially signed on 31 October 2011.
The project aims to promote cooperation of the institutions and market players engaged in the building sector and in the national education system, in order to pave the way for radical improvement of the qualification and skills of the work force, aiming at improved and wide-spread construction of nearly zero energy buildings. 

The National Qualification Platform, which will be initiated in the process, will set the foundations of an overall process for consultations and collaboration of all stakeholders in the area of construction works and the related vocational training activities (professional associations, associations of producers, centers for vocational trainings, public authorities, etc.). A detailed analysis of the situation in Bulgaria will be performed, including:

1) Analysis of the of the national system for initial and continuing education and training in the building sector;

2) Analysis of the national policies and strategies in the energy and building sectors for achieving of the 2020 goals;

3) Identification of the barriers and gaps between the current situation and the needs for qualified workers until 2020.

Based on the findings of the analysis, a National Roadmap and strategy for trainings on intelligent energy solutions will be developed. It will be proposed for approval and endorsement by the respective institutions and actors, serving as a valuable instrument for achieving of the national goals in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and climate change mitigation, and of the ambitious EU targets for the energy performance of buildings as per the newly recast EPBD and the RES Directive.

In order to facilitate the timely and accurate execution of project’s activities, a specialized website will be developed and launched in the first few months of its implementation. The site will offer access to the legislative acts in the area and the working programme, will report the achieved results and will provide an electronic platform for discussions among different stakeholders. The first project conference, which will be initiated with the main goal to organize and present the National Platform, will introduce the representatives of all supporting institutions to the methodology and the different stages outlined in the working programme. The overall process will also be coordinated at European level in the framework of the „BUILD UP Skills” Initiative, as the first meeting for representatives of the teams from all EU member-states developing similar projects is scheduled for 23-25 November 2011 in Brussels. 

If you wish to engage in the National Platform, to have access to the materials developed on the project and to participate with your knowledge and positions in the elaboration of the National Roadmap, do not hesitate to call us at +359 2 963 17 14.