CrossCert series of webinars for EPCs

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) are a central part of energy efficiency legislation in buildings throughout Europe. Due to their extensive usage, they must inform a broad range of different user groups.
Currently, EPCs are being reviewed and revised to support more challenging carbon targets across European countries – hence the concept of “next-generation” EPCs that may use new metrics and indicators to support various areas of decision-making. 

The third upcoming webinar “Funding Options for Energy-Efficient Building Renovations Across Europe” will take place on 27 February, will explore funding schemes in Europe for energy-efficient building renovations and how these schemes incorporate EPCs, as their role is also emphasized in the revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive as tools not only to express the measured energy efficiency grade of a building but also as a marketing tool for citizens to demonstrate the value of their properties.

- Rui Fragoso, Head of Buildings and Efficiency of Resources at ADENE, Portugal's National Energy Agency, 
- Representative of the Danish Energy Agency (invited)
- Jana Lange, Franco-German Office for Energy Transition
- Nicole Hartl, Austrian Energy Agency (AEA)­

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The 4th online event “Designing the Perfect EPC – What works for you?” is scheduled for 20 March and will also include an overview of crossCert and the latest research being undertaken to create next-generation EPCs that create maximum impact for the user. The event will be of interest to anyone, across Europe, currently relying on EPCs to make informed decisions or are part of the EPC process itself. This includes: EPC assessors, those forming policy that use EPCs, building managers, large property owners, engineers, and designers/architects.

The EU Horizon-funded crossCert project is attempting to test and critique many of these new approaches against the needs of different user groups. As part of this research, the team are carrying out a focus-group style event to engage with those that need EPCs to make decisions on low-carbon buildings. The event will ask participants, in small groups, to indicate what type of EPC (and related information) would be most useful for them, understand whether current EPCs are meeting user requirements, and use this to guide the design of future EPCs.

The event will be free to attend but we ask all participants to register at this link.