The application phase under the national programme for energy efficiency of multi-family residential buildings has started

The Ministry of Regional Development and Regional Development has officially published the approved Guidelines for application under the procedure "Support for sustainable energy renovation of residential building stock - Stage I", funded by the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan. The procedure is now open and all interested owners of multi-family residential buildings managed under the Condominium Management Act can start preparing documents and submitting them through the municipal/regional administrations.

The total amount of funds for this procedure is BGN 1 129 881 600 including VAT. All multi-family residential buildings managed under the Condominium Act and designed before 26 April 1999 are eligible. 

The approved buildings will receive up to 100 % grant. The main objective of the programme is to improve the energy performance of residential buildings, to reach energy consumption class "B" of multi-family residential buildings, to reduce the energy consumption of the country, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to achieve 30% primary energy savings for each site renovated building, to reduce energy poverty by reducing energy costs, to improve living conditions and quality of life through technological renovation and modernisation of the building stock, etc.

Currently, only 7% of the area of occupied residential buildings (those built after 2010 and those renovated) complies with modern EE requirements. According to the review of the non-renovated residential buildings by energy performance and energy consumption, 90% of the non-renovated buildings are characterised by the worst energy performance - with energy consumption classes E, F and G.

The application guidelines are published on the website of the Ministry of Regional Development and Regional Policy at, as well as on the EMAS 2020 portal:

The deadline for applications under this procedure is 31.05.2023.

After the completion of this first stage, the reception of projects under the second stage of implementation of the sub-measure "Support for sustainable energy renovation of the housing stock" will start. In the second stage, the grant will be 80% of the eligible costs. It will start after the end of this procedure and the application will close on 31.12.2023.

Source: Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works