The Energy Office of Burgas opens its doors

The Energy Office of Burgas Municipality has opened its doors and will now be at the service of businesses and citizens interested in implementing energy efficiency measures and producing energy from renewable sources.

It was established within the framework of the ComAct (Community Tailored Actions for Energy Poverty Mitigation) project funded by Horizon 2020,

Details of the work of the office were presented by the Deputy Mayor for Construction, Investment and Regional Development Eng. Chanka Koralska.

She stressed that the opening of the office comes at an important time when the programme for renovation of multi-family residential buildings has not yet started. It will be one of the places where people will be able to receive full information on this programme and submit their documents. 

The office was built to also support the Solar Cities project. Under this project, the roofs of all buildings in Burgas have been photographed. Based on the footage, special software can calculate the potential of each of the roofs of the buildings in the city for the construction of photovoltaic installations. In this way, everyone will be able to get information on what kind of solar panel system they can build on their roof and what capacity of operation it will have.

The energy office will also be a place for organizing various discussions, training seminars for both citizens and professionals. Energy efficiency and renewable energy specialists will be invited to give lectures and presentations. 

The Energy Office is located in the NCC Cultural House and will be open every weekday from 08:30 to 17:15. For information you can call 056/ 81 37 65. The location has been chosen to be convenient for citizens and to make it as easy as possible for them to find useful information. Two experts will be working there at all times. There will be a pre-announced schedule for consultations with other energy efficiency specialists, which will also take place on site at the office. Enquiries can also be sent to

More information available at: