Call for technical assistance to address energy poverty extended

The deadline for municipalities to apply for technical assistance to address energy poverty is extended to March 15, 2022.

The call is an initiative of the EU Consultative Center for Energy Poverty, providing technical assistance to municipalities for the development of plans, measures, and projects aiming at overcoming the energy poverty. These measures can be part of SECAP or PIDM (Plan for integrated development of a municipality) plans, as well as activities of current projects related to solving the energy poverty problems.

You can find more information about the call here. In addition, the Consultative Center's report with inspiring examples from across Europe is available in Bulgarian here

The tools for overcoming energy poverty and the just energy transition will also be discussed during the EcoEnergy Annual Conference. On March 16, a second Fair Energy Transition for All project meeting will be held, at which EnEffect and the Center for the Study of Democracy will present the results of several nationally representative surveys on the condition of buildings, the level of energy costs and household income, and attitudes towards building renovation programs.