The Energy Efficiency Centre EnEffect, the Municipal Network for Energy Efficiency EcoEnergy, with the support of the Municipality of Burgas and the media partnership of 3e-news are organizing a national conference "Sustainable Financing of Energy Efficiency and RES Projects", which will be held on 2-3 June in Burgas, Expo Center "Flora" and online via Zoom platform.

The establishment of a National Decarbonisation Fund is a key reform in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP), which is expected to help address a number of issues related to the fragmentation of available financing instruments and the difficulty of attracting market investment. Under the NRRP, the Fund is structured with the clear objective of "supporting investment in low-carbon development through sustainable and targeted financing to a broad group of beneficiaries - energy end-users - in order to maximize the achievement of the decarbonisation objectives of the Bulgarian economy". The Fund should offer grants and technical assistance combined with financial instruments including credit lines and guarantees and/or a combination thereof.

The structuring of that Fund supported by a DG Energy technical assistance project and implemented by the European Investment Bank Group will be the focus of the next round table on financing energy efficiency investments in Bulgaria.

Along with the representatives of the team working on the structuring of the Fund, representatives of commercial banks, public financial institutions, energy experts as well as local authorities, who are to a large extent responsible for the implementation of the investments, are invited to participate in the sessions. The full potential of the BeSMART project partners will be used - AWE, Econoler, NDEF, BIA, CSB, AEE, UASG, EnEffect, EcoEnergy, the municipalities of Sofia and Gabrovo.

In addition to the round table, the agenda includes also a number of attractive events dedicated to the challenges of design and construction of Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (NZEB) in Bulgaria. The conference will also offer an insight into successful practices and technological innovations for the design and construction of nearly zero-energy buildings from Europe and Bulgaria, as well as information regarding the current trends in professional education and training in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy. In the period 2-4 June the programme includes: 

  • Specialized exhibition of building materials and components suitable for nearly zero-energy buildings;
  • A training seminar for designers and construction professionals, as well as a seminar for home association managers and homeowners;
  • Demonstrations and company presentations of the latest building materials, products and technologies 
  • Fun and play related to the sustainable energy for children;
  • Visit to certified passive buildings near Burgas.

You can register here: 

Burgas background and the preliminary agenda can be found here.