Government approves Energy Poverty Regulation

At its meeting on 29.11.2023. The Government adopted the Ordinance on the criteria, conditions and procedures for determining the status of households in a situation of energy poverty and the status of vulnerable customers for the supply of electricity, approved by the Council of Ministers at its meeting today.

The regulation was developed by an inter-ministerial working group including the ministries of labour and social policy, regional development and public works and energy.

The ordinance defines vulnerable customers for electricity supply in line with recent changes to the Energy Act. The average monthly income of a household member is taken into account as the disposable income less the household's consumption of the typical energy consumption determined according to the energy characteristics of the dwelling. The disposable average monthly income shall be compared with the officially declared poverty line for the purpose of determining the household's energy poverty status as defined in the supplementary provisions of the Act amending and supplementing the Energy Act.

Criteria have been introduced to determine the status of a vulnerable customer for electricity supply depending on age, health, disposable average monthly income reduced by energy costs, the need for assistive devices for independent living and/or life-sustaining medical devices whose functioning depends on a source of electricity, receipt of monthly social benefits.

In determining the disposable income of eligible persons, both non-taxable and taxable income under the Income Tax Act is taken into account. In calculating disposable income, an exception is introduced for scholarships paid to pupils and students.

Source: NAMRB