A pilot project will build an energy community in Burgas

The innovative initiative was announced during the "Energy Efficiency and Green Energy Days" conference.

Sofia, June 4, 2024 - A pilot project to build an energy community in Burgas has been launched and presented to the residents of the seaside city during the "Energy Efficiency and Green Energy Days" initiative, organised by the Center for Energy Efficiency EnEffect, the Municipal Energy Efficiency Network EcoEnergy and the Municipality of Burgas. Nearly 410 thousand leva will be invested in a new solar park on the roof of the swimming pool "Arena OZK" in the seaside town. More than 80% of the energy produced will be used directly for the needs of the facility, which Burgas residents use all year round. The project is open to all residents of Burgas Municipality who invest between BGN 1,000 and BGN 10,000, and each investor will receive an annual dividend of 3% based on their own investment.

"The project carries almost no risk as the Municipality is committed to buying the energy produced at fixed prices", said Dragomir Tsanev, CEO of EnEffect. "The financial indicators of the project are attractive, but its goal is not to make us rich financially, but to make us richer as a society, because an investment in green energy is an investment in the future of the residents of Burgas."

The event in Burgas lasted three days, during which specialists demonstrated the possibilities of installing their own photovoltaic systems, as well as software for energy management. Methods for creating detailed maps of regions in Bulgaria using drones were also presented. A demonstration was made of new software tools that will assist building professionals in renovating buildings. The latest building materials and technologies in the construction sector were also shown during the conference. In connection with the BUILDUPSkills project, vocational education and the need for staff in the sector were discussed and a series of training sessions for designers were held on the introduction of modern approaches to achieving optimal energy efficiency in construction practice. 

The conference brought together professionals, practitioners and members of the public who shared an interest in green energy innovations, creating an opportunity to exchange knowledge, ideas and inspiration. Green energy is a key factor for the sustainable future of the planet, and the Energy Efficiency and Green Energy Days reminded Burgas residents of the urgent need to invest in it.