Improving the knowledge and skills of the building professionals to deliver quality renovations works with significant energy saving impact

The FIT-TO-NZEB project aims to increase the competence and skills of the building professionals in all participating countries - Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Croatia, Ireland, Austria and Greece - through unique educational programmes and pilot training courses, which contribute to both the quality and the scale of the deep energy building renovations. The project has produced all necessary requisites for the introduction of educational content on deep energy retrofit in the curricula at all levels of the vocational training and education system - universities, professional high schools and colleges, vocational training centers. 


The project uses the training and communication infrastructure of its predecessor Train-to-NZEB (, which operates 5 training centers in Eastern and Southern Europe: in Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic, Turkey and Ukraine. To this already functioning network, it added the capacity of 4 universities, 1 professional college and 4 training centers, supporting the development of the Building Knowledge Hubs network. 

More information about the available training programmes and materials is available at