Municipal energy management systems supporting sustainable financing of local climate actions

As a means to produce quality energy and climate action plans in Bulgaria, MEMS develops a model for systematic municipal energy management. By enabling authorities to collect and make use of reliable, energy-related data, the introduction of this model will contribute to the quality implementation of local long-term energy and climate strategies as well as to the attraction of private investors. The leading organization in the project is the Energy Efficiency Centre – EnEffec, together with the National Trust Eco Fund (NTEF) and the Institute of Applied Research – Frounhofer as partners.

Recognizing the lack of systematic energy management systems in Bulgarian municipalities, EnEffect has developed an energy management toolbox that allows municipalities to develop energy management systems that comply with internationally recognized standards. Making use of the tools ensures the provision of reliable, energy-related data, enabling high-quality energy analyses, project monitoring, and improved planning processes.

This, in turn, will increase the potential to attract financing for energy and climate projects, especially with regards to innovative financial schemes such as Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) services, ESCOs, but also potentially attracting investments from the national Energy Savings Obligation Scheme. As an institution specializing in the financing of municipal energy efficiency projects, NTEF is extremely interested in using the available resources and improving the environmental impact of its investments and intends to promote the implementation of the new energy management model and tools by designing and offering a special funding scheme that requires strict monitoring of the results achieved by supported projects.

The project will provide the necessary conditions for a stable transition from grant-based funding to sustainable funding mechanisms based on real energy savings.

The project MEMS is financed under the European Climate Initiative – (EUKI) program of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety.

Main results:

Online platform for energy management -

Municipal Energy Management System. Development and implementation manual

European Climate Initiative (EUKI) Municipal Energy Planning and Energy Management Experience in Germany


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