"Sustainable Energy Renovation of the Residential Building Stock " seminar

On November 1, 2022, the seminar "Sustainable Energy Renovation of the Residential Building Stock", organized by Klimateka, Center for Energy Efficiency EnEffect and Renovate Bulgaria initiative group, was held, dedicated to the new program for energy efficiency of residential buildings under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which is expected to be launched at the beginning of November this year.

The main aspects addressed by the experts were: 

Why is it necessary to prepare energy efficiency and building performance audits, architectural surveys and technical passports in advance? Which costs could be covered by the programme? 

What are the evaluation and ranking criteria for the buildings that apply? Which buildings are prioritised?

For how many buildings will the funding reach and what will happen to the others that do not?

How the funding for replacement of windows, thermal insulation of external walls, roofs, floors, installation of renewable energy systems for the energy needs of the building will be done?

How proposals for the implementation of investment will be submitted and how to work in partnership with the municipal administration, where the building is located;

Are there requirements for when the energy audits and technical passports must be ready, as well as how the buildings will be designed, etc.

Thank you to all the journalists who attended the seminar!

The message is clear: The question is not whether we will do it, the question is how to do it faster, better, smarter...

We would also like to thank our great speakers - Tsveta Nanyova, Ivan Velkov, Mincho Benov, Todor Popov, Prof. Dr. Dimitar Nazarsky, as well as our hosts and partners Klimateka and Plamena Marinova!