Stimulating the demand for qualified specialists for the implementation of building projects with optimal energy performance

The INSTRUCT project aims to provide an operational framework and set of services serving a new generation of skilled and certified workers, and to pave the way for lasting legislative changes in support of energy efficiency in the building sector. The project involves 7 countries, grouped in 5 regional clusters, which, represented by the expert partner team, will benefit from the INSTRUCT methodology and the accompanying tools in the pilot countries.

More than 200 organizations from all over Europe have already expressed interest in the results of the project, including many of the participants in the Build Up Skills initiative. The Energy Efficiency Center EnEffect, which is responsible for project activities in Bulgaria, heads the Southeast Cluster, working in close cooperation with Romania, Croatia and Greece by building a network of centers for the development of knowledge and skills supported by manufacturers and suppliers of construction materials, products and components and energy agencies and specialists.

The main planned results of the project include:

(a) quantitative and qualitative research that confirms and strengthens the link between the increased knowledge and skills and the energy performance and quality achieved in practice in the implementation of projects.

(b) a set of tools and means to facilitate the mutual recognition of qualifications in the construction sector. 

(c) demonstrations (in 5 geographical European areas) of the benefits and convenience for users of the tools implemented. 

(d) dissemination and awareness raising in the consortium member countries as well as throughout Europe. 

(e) proposals for a new legislative framework allowing the application of qualification requirements for workers and professionals in the field of sustainable construction in public procurement. 

More information about the project can be found at and, and the latest news from the project can be followed on Twitter.


The INSTRUCT project is implemented under a grant agreement № 894756 under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.