Strengthening Multi-Level Governance in the development of new NECPs

NECPlatform envisages the creation of platforms for dialogue to support the implementation of commitments for actualization of the national energy and climate plans (obligation for Member States), promoting cooperation between interested parties, and in particular the active participation of Bulgarian municipalities in the determination of measures, the adaptation of local plans to national goals and priorities, and the reporting of achievements results. According to the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2018/1999 on the management of the Energy Union, each member state is obliged to prepare updated drafts (2023) and final national plans in the field of energy and climate (2024), as well as to determine a monitoring and control system that will report on them by 2030.


The aim of the project is to support public authorities at local and national level in the mission towards more effective management of climate and energy policies in Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Romania, France and Croatia.

CONSORTIUM - Energy Cities (coordinator), IEECP, OER (Romania), Coordinamento Agenda 21 (Italy), REGEA (Croatia), Zero (Portugal), as a partner from the Bulgarian side is the Center for Energy Efficiency EnEffect. 


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Additional information about the project:

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This project is funded by the first LIFE-Clean Energy Transition call of 2021.

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