The first zero-energy caravan in Bulgaria became the attraction of the Architecture and Construction Week

The mobile passive house is part of the nZEB Roadshow initiative of EnEffect.

On 29 March the first zero-energy caravan in Bulgaria was presented in the capital. The event took place as part of Architecture and Construction Week 2023. The project of the first mobile passive house in the country was created by the Energy Efficiency Centre EnEffect and is part of the nZEB Roadshow initiative.

"The aim of the initiative is to raise public, media and professional interest in the benefits and advantages of energy efficiency. Through projects such as the nZEB Caravan, we strive and create the most understandable and intuitive tools for people to see, touch and experience the benefits of zero energy buildings," said Dragomir Tzanev, Executive Director of EnEffect. "To create the zero energy caravan we received support from many business partners, we went through a number of difficulties, but despite them we managed to achieve the parameters of the gold standard for energy efficiency - a passive house," he added.

The mobile demonstration uses excellent thermal insulation, triple glazing, airtight membranes and strips, ventilation with heat recovery, a heat pump and a photovoltaic system to ensure optimum energy performance. These are proven by airtightness tests that demonstrate all the necessary parameters of a passive house.

As part of EnEffect's nZEB Roadshow initiative in Bulgaria, 7 events have already been held, bringing the total to 30 for the entire project. Based on a successful network of learning centres, partners from 5 countries in South East Europe - Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Italy and Greece - are building active professional and user communities that help people to see better quality and more beautiful energy efficient buildings that not only save costs but also take comfort and healthy living to a new, higher level.

The nZEB Caravan of EnEffect continues its journey after the Architecture and Construction Week and will be part of an interactive educational event at Sofia Ring Mall on 22 and 23 April. On the eve of Earth Day, the organisers want to inform and inspire children, young people and their parents to achieve a greener future by using the basic principles of energy efficiency in different aspects and areas of our lives. In May, a similar event will take place in the city of Burgas.

During the first day of the Architecture and Construction Week in Sofia, the conference of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber entitled "Energy Efficiency and the Use of Renewable Sources in the Construction Process. Funding opportunities". Dragomir Tzanev spoke on the topic "Factors for accelerating the process of deep energy renovation of the building stock in Bulgaria".

"There is no other country in the world that has 100% financing for building renovation. We give this funding to very few people and it is not economically viable and sustainable. People want to have control and be sure of the quality of the construction works, to know what effect the renovation has on their energy bills and their living comfort," said Dragomir Tzanev. "The main thing we lack is the political will and readiness to move to a sustainable mechanism of co-financing the renovation of buildings so that we can increase the financial volumes in this area," added the Executive Director of EnEffect.

The EnEffect team will participate in the exhibition and organize two more events to which it invites visitors and the professional community: 

Friday, 31 March: from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the shared stand of the Bulgarian Association for Insulation in Construction (BAIS), Hall 3, Stand E7, EnEffect team will hold a training course for designers and construction professionals - "Can we build zero energy buildings? " 

Saturday, April 1: from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Seminar Hall Renovate Bulgaria with the support of the Energy Efficiency Center Sofia are organizing a meeting with condominium representatives for a discussion on "Energy Efficient Renovation of Multi-Family Residential Buildings. The tasks of condominiums - mission (impossible)".