Leaders of the BUILD UP Skills initiative unite their efforts for the development of knowledge and skills in the field of sustainable construction

The main goal of the BUSLeague project is to overcome the challenges of finding a skilled workforce in the field of sustainable construction through practical activities to increase the capacity of skilled professionals across the building design, operation and maintenance value chain. One of the main tasks of the project is to develop and implement a cross European framework for the recognition of the energy skills of construction workers and specialists, as well as to build on the successful training methods and techniques already developed in previous EU and national initiatives, such as the BUILD UP Skills initiative and Horizon 2020 Construction skills projects. BUSLeague focuses on a combination of four elements: mutual recognition of qualifications in construction, capacity building in the vocational education and training system, awareness raising of end-users, and legislative changes to introduce specialized qualification requirements in public procurement for new buildings and building renovations. Parallel to the implementation of these tasks, both the demand and the supply of educational and training services for sustainable construction will be stimulated, but further:

• stimulate the market demand for high-quality repair and construction activities, which will motivate construction companies, and in particular SMEs, to increase the knowledge and skills of their employees.

• improvement of the quality of educational services and opportunities for realization in different markets by providing up-to-date, flexible, and easy-to-follow training in internationally recognized results. 

The BUSLeague (Build Up Skills League) project brings together the expertise of 11 partner organizations from 7 countries. The activities in Bulgaria will be carried out by the Energy Efficiency Center EnEffect and the Bulgarian Construction Chamber. In particular, the expected results of the planned activities in Bulgaria include:

• Active participation in the development of all new programs to support energy efficiency in the construction sector at the national level 

• Development of a model of public procurement for integration of on-the-job training in municipal projects in the building sector and conducting on-site demonstration training in 3 current projects 

• Organizing two national events in support of nZEB(near-zero energy buildings) (2021, 2022), aimed at active partnerships with at least 20 manufacturers of building materials, components and technologies 

• Development of a scheme for certification and recognition of qualifications, maintained by an online register

• Training of at least 120 construction specialists under the scheme 

• Development of an online tool to facilitate the search and supply of qualified specialists in the construction sector

The BUSLeague project is funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under a grant agreement № 892894. The project website is available at https://busleague.eu/, and up-to-date information can be found at the project's profile on Twitter .

Final Executive Report see here.