Deep retrofits made faster, cheaper and more reliable

Our building stock is generally inefficient. The energy that our buildings waste results in up to 40% of Europe‘s greenhouse gas emissions, making them both key contributors to climate change and amplifiers of energy poverty. Deep retrofitting to tackle this waste and improve building performance is thus rightly at the heart of building-related policies at all governmental levels. Yet while streamlining and approaches like the Energiesprong and serial renovation have helped standardise retrofitting methods or make them otherwise more accessible, the delivery of consistently high-quality deep retrofits remains a challenge. OutPHit pairs such approaches with the rigour of Passive House principles to make deep retrofits more cost-effective, faster, and more reliable.

Based on case studies across Europe and in collaboration with a wide variety of stakeholders, outPHit is addressing the challenges hindering the execution of high-quality deep retrofits while facilitating the development of high-performance renovation systems, tools for decision making and quality assurance safeguards.


outPHit bridges the gap between research and practice by:

INTEGRATING the use of streamlined processes and pre-fabricated elements with the high performance of the EnerPHit Standard

SUPPORTING building component suppliers to further improve their products for use in deep retrofits to the EnerPHit Standard

CRAFTING a certification scheme for whole house renovation systems as well as tools and guides to support decision making

DRAFTING simplified monitoring and approval concepts for the renovation design stage

ENCOURAGING a one-stop-shop business model for deep renovation by
collaborating with local contractors and building users.

BOOSTING demand for streamlined, high performance approaches by involving stakeholders in the promotion of findings

DISSEMINATION of results across Europe through information materials, training and awareness raising and capacity building workshops

The project team involved in the outPHit project is actively raising awareness of prefabricated renovation components and process optimisation, supporting real renovation projects across Europe. The outPHit partners offer consultancy and quality control in all seven partner countries to ensure project results according to the ambitious requirements of the EnerPHit building renovation standard based on Passive House principles. 


Coordinator of the project is Passive House Institute (GE) with the participation of  International Passive House Association (iPHA) (GE), Climate Alliance (GE), Ecoworks (GE), Hellenic Passive House Institute (GR), Neue Heimat Tirol (AUS), Passief Bouwen (NL), PROPASSIF (FR), The University of Innsbruck’s Unit for Energy Efficient Buildings (AUS), VAND Аrquitectura (ES).
Project website: https://outphit.eu/en/