Community tailored actions for energy poverty mitigation

In Bulgaria, 39.2% of the population is unable to keep their homes warm (compared to an average of 8% for the EU and 16% for the CEE region in 2016). The majority of low-income citizens live in prefabricated apartment blocks with shared ownership in residential districts located in the cities’ outskirts.

ComAct aims to make high-impact and high-cost energy-efficient improvements in multi-family apartment buildings in the CEE and CIS regions affordable and manageable for energy-poor communities as well as to create the necessary assistance conditions for lifting them out of energy poverty. 

ComAct will aim to renovate 4 multifamily residential buildings in the city of Burgas. To do so, the City of Burgas and EnEffect will:

  • Analyse packages of energy efficient measures achieving more ambitious energy efficiency classes and financial parameters;
  • Monitor achieved energy and financial savings in the two pilots
  • Stimulate community action in various homeowner associations (HOA) and establish an Energy Advice Resource Centre;
  • Design and test financial instruments to lift barriers to access to financing for energy poor households

Develop informational materials and train local experts to convey information to HOAs.

The methodology of ComAct will be tested in five pilot countries, representing the geographical scope of the project: Central Europe region (case in Hungary), South-east Europe region (case in Bulgaria), Western Balkan region (case in the Republic of North Macedonia), Baltic region (case in Lithuania), and the ex-soviet republic on the border with the European Union (case in Ukraine). 

See also Overview report on the energy poverty concept

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement #892054.

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